FSB Loan Solutions


Whether you are buying, building, or remodeling, the mortgage lending team at First State Bank offers a wide range of financing solutions to get you into your dream home quicker.

Adjustable-Rate Mortgage
A flexible loan option that comes in a variety of terms and often has initial lower rates and payments.

Asset-Based Loans
If you are retired or have low- or no income for some other reason, getting conventional mortgage financing may be a challenge. An asset-based loan looks beyond your income and takes your full financial picture into account.

Bridge Loans
This loan pays off your current mortgage with the net proceeds going toward down payment and closing costs on a new home.

Construction Loans
For those building their dream home from the ground up.

Fixed-Rate Mortgage
Enjoy a consistent payment and set rate over the life of your loan with convenient payment options and a variety of terms.

Government Housing Loans
Solutions with low down payment options for eligible borrowers, including FHA, VA, and Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) loans.

Investor Advantage
A loan program that provides residential property investors or renovators access to funds based on the property and repair plan.

Physicians Loan Program
Are you a medical professional looking to purchase a home? Medical school debt doesn’t have to interfere with your dreams of owning a home.

Portfolio Loans
A unique solution for when you are not eligible for a conventional loan due to your situation or property.